Frequently Asked Questions

What markets you support for Algo Trading?

We support Indian Capital Markets and USA Capital Markets.

What asset classes you support?

We support Equity Cash and Futures & Options

Can I run my strategies live during trial period?

Yes. Absolutely.

How many strategies I can create and run?

You can create and test as many strategies as you want. You can simultaneously run as many strategies supported by your subscription plan.

What Development Platforms you support?

We presently support .NET 5 (with any .NET language) and Python. We will soon be supporting Go, NodeJS and Java. Also Algorum is based on WebSockets protocol and hence can be accessed from ANY development Platform that supports WebSockets.

Can I debug my strategy from within Visual Studio or Python IDEs without uploading the package to your cloud?

Yes. We believe debugging is the fundamental requirement for any serious development. We provide remote client libraries that let your strategy talk to Algorum platform while debugging in Visual Studio or other Development Platforms that we support. With this you can test your strategy for any errors or improvements and upload the package to our cloud when you are satisfied with the working of your strategy.

Do you have phone and email support?

No. At present you can post your queries and issues in our Discourse forum and we will get back to you as soon as we can.