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Algorum is India's First and the World's Most Advanced Algo Trading SaaS Platform for Quant Developers

Utilize Full Power of your Development Platform

Algorum lets you design your Algo Trading strategies using full capabilities of freely available .NET Core (5) Platform using Visual Studio IDE (Community Edition) and Python 3.9 using PyCharm IDE. We will soon have our API available to other Development Platforms, like Java, NodeJS, Go and any Development Platform that can talk to WebSockets and Web API.

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How Algorum
Helps Quant Developers?

Algorum CLI

Algorum CLI (Command Line Interface) is a multi platform command line tool that helps you develop, test, monitor, and manage your algo strategies in Algorum Platform.

Simple and Affordable Pricing

Algorum pricing is simple, clear, and affordable. Start with our Standard plan and then when you are ready to scale, choose our Pro Plan.

Local Development & Cloud Deployment

With Algorum, you can develop, debug and test your Algo Strategy locally on your system, right from within your favorite IDEs, like VS Code, Visual Studio, PyCharm, etc... Once you are ready with your working Algo Strategy, you can deploy it onto Algorum Cloud infrastructure for reliable and efficient execution and monitoring.

Managed Logging

Algorum lets you log important information related to your quant strategy while it is running, to our cloud storage using a simple method call. This helps you analyze the strategy for various aspects in real-time using our intuitive and searchable logging viewer inside our web app.

Fully Integrated Brokerage Solution

We are tightly integrated into our partner Broker infrastructure, which provides end-to-end Algo Trading experience and solutions. You can develop, test, deploy and monitor your Algo Trading strategies while utilizing our partner Broker for your Brokerage account. This also allows us to provide unparalleled low-latency infrastructure for data streamed to your Algo and for the orders generated by your Algo.

Strategy State Store

Algorum lets you save the state of your strategy at any point in time of its execution to a fully backed up cloud store. This helps you reload your strategy with the same state in case of any unforeseen failure of the cloud infrastructure. Any existing state is passed on to the strategy when it starts running again. The state can also be used to store the trades and other information in your running strategy, which can then be viewed and analyzed from our web and mobile apps.

Fully Managed Deployment of Strategies

Algorum takes care of the complete deployment and running of your strategies within our AWS Cloud. You just have to use our Algorum CLI (Command Line Interface) tool to upload your algo strategy docker image and Algorum takes care of running it on our cloud infrastructure.

Backtesting Engine

Algorum comes with built-in Back Testing capabilities to test your strategy with up to 5 years of tick-level historic data. As we scale we will have historic data for the last 15 years soon. This will take the burden off of you in purchasing the huge amounts of historic data and writing all the logic to store, read and use that data for Back Testing.

Technical Analysis Libraries

Algorum comes with built-in Technical Analysis libraries with over 50+ Indicators, 25+ Candlestick Patterns. We are working to add more to this library to help you with Chart Patterns and AI models as well. This will help you focus on building your strategy rather than building indicator logic.

Dedicated Containers for Strategies

Algorum runs your strategies in a dedicated cloud container, with isolation and security just for you. This provides the highest security and reliability for your strategies.


Futures Contracts Expiry Date Handling in Algorum.

When your algo is dealing with Futures, you need to specify the correct futures contract name as the symbol ticker to trade. This introduces challenges in backtesting, as the algo has to have the logic […]

4th January 2022

Slippage Modelling during Backtesting and Paper Trading in Algorum.

Slippage is the most important factor that effects the profit & loss of your strategy, if your strategy depends on Market orders. When you place a Market order, there are two factors that affect slippage, […]

4th January 2022

Algorum – A Modern Approach to Algo Trading for Quant Developers.

Algorum is an Algo Trading SaaS platform, which allows Quant/Algo Developers to Develop Test, Deploy and Monitor Algo Trading Strategies without managing any Software, Hardware and Data infrastructure. Though Algo Trading is prevalent in India […]

4th January 2022


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